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Monday, December 05, 2011

Why Blogging?

Many people ask themselves, why blog, what's the sense? This reaction is based primarily upon the time and commitment it takes to maintain a blogging platform. Nowadays many make money blogging and therein is found their motivation. Others however take a more 'personal' approach and they base their blog content upon merely helping or serving people! In either case a strong motivation must be found to maintain the constant flow of blog content needed to both attract readers and keep them coming back! 

Here is a look a 5 different reasons or the motivations behind why many blog!

Help Others 
Creating blog content that targets solving common problems associated with a particular niche reflect noble intentions. These type of platforms normally do well in attracting a large and loyal following and can also be quite effective if you intend to make money blogging. You must have an genuine interest in what you write about however since earning an income will take time and your interest will serve to keep you plugging away! 

Share Experience 
Sharing you own experiences serves multiple functions insofar as people can learn and/or be entertained by what you share. If you happen to have a good amount of experience to share than this type of blogging platform could be relatively easy for you to maintain! 

Self Gratification 
Sharing an interest or personal passion with like minded people is both an enjoyable and self gratifying experience! Much like having a lot of experience to share, if you are passionate about what you base your blog content on, this type of platform will likely be easy and even a joy to maintain. Visitor will also be quite appreciative of the quality of your posts making them even more loyal! 

Offer Insight 
Insights and/or opinions are an intriguing way to engage readers since if 'shared' correctly, it will be thought provoking. Nothing gets people more involved then stirring their interest by offering them a perspective they have not considered before. Helping them to 'stretch' their thinking is an invigorating and often enjoyable experience, especially when it focuses on subject matter that holds their interest! 

Motivate People 
Some people are simply 'naturals' at finding the best in others and making others realize their own potential, are you one of them? Having a blogging platform that 'picks people up' and gets them motivated is one of the most popular type of sites. In most cases folks will find not only motivation but will also experience a renewed sense of self esteem making them fell better about themselves. In turn the motivator also experiences an uplifting feeling due to their ability to make those around them feel more confident and capable. 

In most cases the people who may ask, why blog, what's the purpose likely do not possess the commitment to maintain a blogging platform. This is not a negative but rather a point that it does in fact take time and a strong motivation to consistently create blog content people find interesting. For those who aspire to make money blogging this commitment must be even stronger! It simply takes more time to get people to spend money then it does to get them to read free content of interest to them. In either case a strong motivation is needed to maintain a consistent effort to create blog content. Discussed above are 5 of the most common and powerful motivations many bloggers use to help them maintain their site! Do any stir a strong enough motivation within you?

Monday, November 14, 2011

QuickLink To Project HoneyPot

QuickLink which can be use to track and catch malicious web-bots such as spam harveters, form spammers, and blog spammers. Visit for more information.

QuickLinks are a quick and easy way for anyone who can post to a website to help trap malicious web spiders. We have found that the best honey pots installed online are the ones with the most in-bound links to them. QuickLinks allow users who may not be server administrators to still participate in Project Honey Pot simply by including a link on the pages they post to or Email.


Visit Project Honey Pot

Monday, October 10, 2011

Transfer And Receiving Money For You Forex? Use Skrill (MoneyBookers)

Are you dealing with abroad accounts for you Forex transactions? or you just want to send money to your families or relatives outside of your country? Instead of you using, lets used another online money transfer service from Skrill (MoneyBookers).

Have you tried MoneyBookers? An online service of transfering and receiving money and online payment system by If you know or used, Moneybookers will  change how you manage you online payment and online business transaction.

You can register as Personal account thats you can use to pay online transaction. You can use Skrill (Moneybookers) to get paid from others Skrill (Moneybookers) accounts. With Skrill (Moneybookers) you can transfer your money into your own account abroad.

For business you can use Skrill (MoneyBookers) for online payment of your products and services through your online shop, paid your employees and payying your suppliers.

Why wait? register and open your account with Skrill (MoneyBookers) with this refferal link.

After registration you can join Skrill (MoneyBookers) refer a friend program and you can earn money up to 100 UK Pound with Skrill (MoneyBookers) for each of reffered friend. More information about Skrill (MoneyBookers) and making money online you can visit Cybermoney2u Blog at

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Earn One Ringgit Each Person You To

Earn One Ringgit for each person you refer

Got friends who use Facebook or Twitter? Connect them to the community. You'll be paid RM 1 for every friend who joins, shares at least one campaign and get at least 3 verified unique visits.


Your friend, (Tipswanita) has invited you to join, the largest influence network in the Malaysia! is a community of Malaysians who choose cool stuff to share on social media and get rewarded with cash, points and prizes for doing so! Any Malaysian who uses social media can join.

By getting involved, our members get cash, prizes, points, and meet new friends too!

Get started now to see why everyone's inviting their friends to get involved!

See you there.
Yuna Community Team

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why BlackBerry Messenger?

  • You can get into the BBM inner circle on BlackBerry smartphones with  over 45 million active users worldwide.
  • Connect at the speed of now on BBM, and enjoy discounted BlackBerry smartphones with the link below.
  • Create and connect with groups of friends, family members, and colleagues on BBM with BlackBerry smartphones.

For more information about BlackBerry Messenger.

or direcly to

BlackBerry Malaysia smartphones offer can be view here

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mobile Software Developers Make Money With Google AdMob

Mobile Software Developers Make Money With Google AdMob

Read it online

Mobile software developers can generate more revenue with solutions for Android phone mobile applications and websites with Google. You can build your android phone mobile application business with tools provided by Google AdMob and monetize your mobile website and application with Google AdSense.

By joining thousands of Android phone mobile software developers worldwide you can growth your mobile application business with AdMob by Google.

The benefits :-

- You can earn revenue across platforms with AdMob's mobile-specific formats and the reach of Google's advertiser network.

- You can promote your mobile application with a paid ad campaign on the AdMob network or for free on your own properties with AdMob House Ads.

- You can measure performance with real-time reporting that helps you evaluate performance across ad placements, operating system platforms and geography.

Get more information about developement Android mobile application here :-

Mobile Software Developers Make Money With Google AdMob

Mobile software developers can generate more revenue with solutions for Android phone mobile applications and websites with Google. You can build your android phone mobile application business with tools provided by Google AdMob and monetize your mobile website and application with Google AdSense.

By joining thousands of Android phone mobile software developers worldwide you can growth your mobile application business with AdMob by Google.

The benefits :-

- You can earn revenue across platforms with AdMob's mobile-specific formats and the reach of Google's advertiser network.

- You can promote your mobile application with a paid ad campaign on the AdMob network or for free on your own properties with AdMob House Ads.

- You can measure performance with real-time reporting that helps you evaluate performance across ad placements, operating system platforms and geography.

Get more information about developement Android mobile application here :-

Malaysian Mobile Broadband Market to Be Worth US$3 Billion by 2015

The Malaysian mobile broadband and data market was worth about RM6 billion (US$2 billion) in 2010 and is expected to reach RM9 billion (US$3 billion) by 2015, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan. According to Nitin Bhat, Partner & Senior Vice President of the Frost & Sullivan ICT Practice Asia Pacific, the mobile subscriber market is heading towards saturation and all market players are looking at mobile broadband as a growth driver. [ More ]

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

7 Steps Necessary To Run A Successful Home Based Business

Why is it that most of the people who start a home based business fail miserably and what can they do about it?

I will try to help you out here with seven things that I have done to help you dramatically increase your chances of building a successful business. If you don't do these things, your business will most likely fail and you will waste your time.

1. Mindset
It turns out most people who start a business have the wrong idea about how to get started. It's really not their fault, this is the way we all were raised. But if you have the right mindset, you can get yourself into profit fast.

2. Fear
This is the biggest issue, you have fear of failing, fear of success, fear of the unknown, we all fear something. First you have to acknowledge this instead of fighting it. Then you have to figure out how to turn it around , so you can get down to business.

3. Your Product- Niche
Its about impossible to sell if you don' t know your niche. You need to know who wants your products and how it will help them. People want to know what is in it for them. If you have a product or service you are going to sell DON'T! People want a benefit or a result, they want something that is going to relieve their pain. They don't want your training, they want your solution.

4. Belief
You must believe in your product. If you don't believe what you have is the best product or service, how can you expect others to buy it.

5. Marketing
Finding the right marketing to get your customers to buy what you are selling,. Start by branding yourself first, you want people to remember you. Get the marketing education that is needed to become the master marketer.

6. Focus
There are so many distractions out there, most people fail from this alone, don't let this happen to you. Everyone will tell you what to do and what not to do, but with a plan in place you can overcome all of this. Get your mind focused in the right place and take action on a daily basis. Do profitable activities everyday and keep focused.

7. People
If you are going to have any success at all in your business you need to align yourself with the right kind of people. We all have friends who have negative attitudes, for the time being try to stay away from all negativity that you possibly can. You must start building relationships with others that have the same goals as yourself.

Strengthen your mindset, overcome your fears, know your product and who it will benefit, truly believe in yourself and your products, get the right education, and start masterminding with the right kind of people.

Sounds Simple! It is simple, everything is here that's required to help you succeed.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Earn Money Online With Internet Marketing Affiliate Program

You can earn money online through two different kinds of internet marketing. One is when you decide to sell your own product and second is when you decide to sell someone else's product through your website. This is known as internet marketing affiliate program. Most internet marketers who decide to become an affiliate are always in a fix, when they have to select an effective merchant for your website, who will be true and beneficial to your business. Here are tips to tell you some important tips of selecting an effective merchant for your affiliate program.

Now a days both affiliates and merchants are relying on the several affiliate networks that work round the clock and help the two parties meet. You too can seek help and advice of any such internet marketing affiliate program, which will guide you to the most successful way of earning online.

The whole purpose of you working for a website is that by the end of the month or the contract, as per your respective deal, the other party will pay you worth your efforts. It is therefore advised that you always look for merchants or programs or the mediator, who will pay you well. Paying well cannot mean, that you are earning thousand dollars from the very first day. It should be atleast compatible as per the industry practice.

In order to be successful in affiliate program it is important that you select your product wisely. Do not use products that are hard to sell online. Instead go for merchants who belong to a broader sect of the market, so that you have a fair idea of the product and its sale in the market and will be able to make the most of it. A lot of information on the product can be obtained from the search engines, which will provide all vital information on the site, along with a list of other websites that are related to them.

Once you have made up your mind on which Internet marketing affiliate program you wish to venture into, select the different ways through which, your website will sell the product. Content, these days, is the most effective means of promotion and marketing a website. The search engines love content, hence a website which will have a lot of original and authentic content is bound to make an impression on the search engine, thereby making a mark on the business as a whole.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SEO For Bloggers

Search engine optimization for a blog is generally different from your normal run of the mill website but it is also very important that bloggers get the fundamentals of SEO right if they want to target free organic traffic from the search engines. Blogs are social in nature which enables them to build links more naturally than a static website. Writing one very popular post can create hundreds or even thousands of links for your site in a very short space of time, getting this kind of popularity is naturally more difficult with a static website. A large portion of people who read blogs also write them as well.

If you write quality unique content on your blog and are able to generate fresh ideas related to hot topics of the moment then the links you can obtain can help boost your sites SEO by itself. But like I said it is also important to get the fundamentals right as well. If you're on a free hosted blog with the likes of or then I highly recommend you make the small investment of establishing you own self hosted blog with its own domain. You can purchase a domain name from for less than $10 and you can get shared web hosting for your blog for less than $10 per month from the like of or If you haven't got the option of hosting your own then stick with, at least then you'll be able to make some money in the future as they allow Adsense and affiliate links.

The most search engine friendly blog platform to use is WordPress which you can download from for free. If you get web hosting through Hostgator or Dreamhost you'll be able to install WordPress using Fantastico's one click install meaning you'll be ready to go in seconds. Assuming you have taken my advice and set-up a WordPress blog on your own domain you'll also need to install some plugins and change your permalink structure to make your site more search engine friendly. Changing your permalink structure is very simple, just go to options, then permalinks. From there add /%postname%/ into the "custom structure" field and select "Update Permalink Structure".

The most important plugins to install to make your WordPress blog search engine friendly are the All In One SEO Pack (Generate search engine friendly page titles, adds keyword and descr i ption meta tags), Google XML Sitemaps (Generates an XML sitemap which is supported by, Google, MSN Search and Yahoo), Dagon Design Sitemap Generator (Generates a fully customizable HTML sitemap) and Similar Posts (Adds similar posts to your posts pages helping spread link popularity).

Once your blog and has been set-up to be SEO friendly you'll now be ready to start writing your posts. It's important to decide what the main keywords are that you want to focus on targeting. Try not to focus on more than 2-3 general topics (keywords) and develop a list of more focused keywords or keyphrases related to your topics. You can use a keyword research tool such as Wordtracker to help you with this. Once you have developed a nice list of keywords that you want to target you can start writing posts incorporating these keywords, in the titles and within the posts body. Over time with more and more posts you will be building keyword authority for these keywords. It is also a good idea linking all your pages back to your home page using your blogs main keyword as the anchor text. I accomplish this by adding the link to my blogs footer.

Author : Paul C Walton
Source :

Friday, April 08, 2011

Malaysian Lets Join To Get Reward

Malaysian Lets Join To Get Reward

Malaysian lets get rewarded for sharing sponsored campaign message, daily deal, Share the latest events, contests, and news with your social networks and get rewarded with cash and vouchers.

Do you share stuff on Facebook? Twitter? Blogs? IM? 

Here’s how we can get rewarded for it. We need to join is a community of Malaysians who choose cool stuff to share on social media and get rewarded with cash, points and prizes for doing so. Any Malaysian who uses social media can join.

Get started now to see how to get involved by clicking the link below

How to do it :-

1) You can register with Facebook Account.

2) To start click the link below and make sure you have sign in into your Facebook.

3) Click "allow" dan and click the "create new account" button.

4) Keyin your username and then fill in the needed information. Select your network that suitable to you school, campus or professional.

5) Select friends from your Facebook friends list to invite to You can be rewarded up to RM1 for each seccussful registration.

6) After registration select reward at left hand side of the menu.

7) Select you campaign and share it in your Facebook and Twitter.

Now you can make money online. Make sure you refrain yourself from spamming others.

Friday, April 01, 2011


Make more friend and get payment. Joint me at ChurpChurp is another site that share advertisment profit with blogger. below is about from there site. is a blog advertising community initiated by Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam and Cheo Ming Shen @ Tong Ming Shen

Within its first few weeks of launching on the 27th February 2007, over 1,000 bloggers all over Malaysia have joined the community with hopes of not only earning money from blog ads but also in a show of support for the community.

The growth of Nuffnang in its early weeks has not only been on the side of bloggers alone. Phones at Nuffnang have been ringing off the hook with representatives of local companies showing interest in tapping into the power of this new medium of advertising.

This is the dream of Nuffnang: To create an opportunity for local advertisers to reach out and experience the power of blog advertising in Malaysia.

Nuffnang Malaysia is owned and marketed by Nuffnang Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of Netcentric Sdn Bhd) and a select group of bloggers who actively contribute and consult the Nuffnang Team.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Virtual Currency Or Virtual Money And Bitcoins

Virtual currency or Virtual Money is used to purchase virtual goods within a online communities in the Internet. This include social networking websites, virtual worlds and online gaming sites.

You can start having and using Virtual Currency Or Virtual Money with Bitcoin. Bitcoins are a new kind of money. Bitcoin is a digital currency using peer-to-peer (P2P) so no central authority to issue new money or keep track of transactions. These tasks arem managed collectively by nodes of Bitcoin in the Internet with avantages :-

  • Bitcoins can be sent easily through the Internet, without having to trust middlemen.
  • Transactions are designed to be computationally prohibitive to reverse.
  • Be safe from instability caused by fractional reserve banking and central banks. The limited inflation of the Bitcoin system’s money supply is distributed evenly (by CPU power) throughout the network, not monopolized by banks.

Users hold the crypto keys to their own money and transact directly with each other, with the help of a P2P network to check for double-spending. You need to download Bitcoins software to start using this virtual money.

HOWTO can be refer here

You need to run your Bitcoins software and get startup virtual money here by request it with your Bitcoin Address.

More information about Bitcoin can be refer here

Send me your money my Bitcoin Address


Monday, February 21, 2011

Make Money While Online

Sitting at the computer chair, facing the desk, grabbing a bite from a slice of pizza, manipulating the mouse and earning money – is this possible? Definitely, this is one of the possible scenarios when one opts to make money while online. Who says that being online just means being connected to Facebook and IM? Being online these days can also mean going to work. And working can be made into something enjoyable that one seems like he or she is not working at all.

Having a profound talent in writing? Got those skills in photo and video editing? Possessing a talent for photography? If these skills and talents are on the list, then perhaps online jobs are not that hard for one to find! Here are some suggestions on how one can turn those talents into great work opportunities and earn money while still, having fun!
  1. Be a freelance writer. For those who are English lovers who have the knack for writing essays without fears of getting writer's block syndrome, applying into websites that offer freelance writing jobs is a good deal to take. Some people are just gifted to have those grammar and sentence construction skills to be always working correctly. For these people, writing five 500-word articles can be a breeze. Got this talent? Make money while online by putting it to good use - start searching for freelance writing jobs.
  2. Apply as an online layout artist. Art lovers nowadays have upgraded and gone techie too, which means, there are people who know how to skillfully manipulate Softwares that provides layouts and webdesigns. Website owners and some advertising firms are willing to pay large sums of money just for them to have meaningful and catchy webpages and web advertisements. Have this kind of talent? Take a break from applying in agencies and try being a freelance web designer or a layout artist – there sure are a lot of clients waiting for those creative juices to flow. Plus, the money flows in, too.
  3. Take photo and video editing services. Nowadays, when the globe is going digital and almost every event needs some multimedia assistance, the work of photo and video editors can't go zero. Yes, photo and video editors right now are actually on demand especially now that weddings, birthdays and other ceremonies seem to be happening anywhere. Got what it takes to create great photos and flicks? Try looking for online clients right now and use that knowledge on Adobe and Photoshop.
  4. Be an online photographer. Being a professional photographer can be quite amusing, but what is more enjoyable is to actually take shots from that camera and upload those pictures online without the hassles of reporting to work. Yes, there are some employers who are looking for online photographers for their digital photos with a really good pay. So, if the photos say it all – give it a shot by searching for online jobs as a photographer. Besides, not everyone has the talent to take great photos.
With the use of talents, one can definitely make money while online. This does not only mean getting a job while honing one's capabilities, but also earning a living without the hassles that the atmosphere those typical offices sometimes project.

Source :

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Add Important Phone Numbers As 1CEMAS For Emergency Time In Your Mobile Phone

Add Important Phone Numbers As 1CEMAS For Emergency Time In Your Mobile Phone 

You need to keep important emergency telephone numbers, in the "Contact" or "Address Book" on your mobile phone with the name (contact name) 


By standardize using the name 1CEMAS as emergency contact, it's easier for the police, fire fighter, hospital and people who help you during the emergency to contact emergency telephone numbers. A study conducted in the UK by Vodafone in 2005 found that only 25 percent of mobile phone users store emergency information in a mobile phone. 

The information found in the purse or bag may not be appropriate or has nothing to do with you. Address written with your Identity card may be old address.

Why the name 1CEMAS

Number 1 is usually the first in the sequences compiled in the "Contact" or "Address Book" of your mobile phone. By using 1CEMAS and people knowing and adding it, it will make much more different in emergency reponse. 

You are encouraged to spread this message for the purpose of expanding the use of 1CEMAS in Malaysia. Please "Forward" this email to your friends. 

The idea of this email is from a campaign named ICE (In case of emergency). Excerpt from ICE Campaign 

In Case of Emergency (ICE) is a program That enables first responders, paramedics, Firefighters, police and Officers, to identify victims and contact next of kin THEIR IMPORTANT to obtain medical information. The program was conceived in the mid-2000s and promoted by British paramedic Bob Brotchie in May 2005. It encourages people to enter emergency contacts in THEIR cell phone address book under the name "ICE." Alternately, a person can list multiple emergency contacts as "ICE1", "ICE2", etc. The popularity of the program has spread across Europe, and has started to Grow into North America. 

More information on ICE

1CEMAS is the ICE campaign tailored for Malaysian. Please support this campaign for the benefit all of us 1CEMAS. 

1CEMAS published in Malay

1CEMAS campaign is an effort of an individual thats not connected with any government agency of Malaysia.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Scams in the Internet

The Internet hand out as an outstanding means for depositor, permitting them too access with no difficulty and reasonably investigates savings chance. But the Internet is as well an outstanding device for scammer and spammers. That’s why you must for all time think two times prior to you put in your cash in any opening you study regarding it all the way through the Internet.

The Internet let the individuals or companies to exchange a few words with huge viewers exclusive of expenses a lot of time, attempt, or funds. Any person will be able to arrive at tens of thousands of public by structuring an Internet web site, relocating a memo on an online announcement board, entering a conversation in a live "chat" room, or conveyance mass e-mails. It's trouble-free for fraudsters to create their mail appear genuine and believable. But it's almost not possible for shareholder to notify the dissimilarity stuck between truth and imaginary tale.

The types of savings scammer see on online are copy of the frauds carried out over the telephone or through the mail. Keep in mind that fraudsters are able to use a multiplicity of Internet utensils to increase fake information, together with bulletin boards, online information sheet, spam, or chat which comprises of Internet Relay Chat or Web Page Chat. They are also able to also construct an ostentatious, complicated web page. All of these apparatus charge very modest funds and are able to be establishing at the fingertips of spammer.

Consider all things recommend with cynicism. Investment frauds frequently fit one of the subsequent groups:

The "Pump And Dump" Scam
It's familiar to see e-mail posted online that advise bookworm to purchase a stock promptly or tell you to put up for sale previous to the price goes down. Frequently the writers force to allege to have "inside" information about an awaiting expansion or to make use of an "reliable" mixture of financial and supply market information to choose stocks. In actuality, they might be insiders or salaried promoters who position to expand by advertising their shares subsequent to the stock price are pumped up by susceptible investors. Just the once these spammer and scammer put up for sale their shares and discontinue hyping the stock, the value naturally cascade and financier misplace their cash. Fraudsters often utilize this trick with tiny, thinly-traded companies because it's easier to force a stock when there are little or no details obtainable regarding the company.

The Pyramid

Beware of mail that you read: "How to Make Big Money from Your Home Computer!!!" individual online advertiser stated that shareholder could "turn $5 into $60,000 in immediately in three to six weeks." In actuality, this plan was not anything more than an electronic edition of the typical "pyramid" system in which participant effort to create cash exclusively by employing new contributors into the program.

Source :

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SEO Tips For Newbies

SEO or search engine optimization knowledge is critical for the person starting out in e-commerce. Whether you want to blog, run an online store or do anything else successfully online, you need to figure out how to get noticed by search engines so that people can find you. Understanding SEO is critical for anyone who wants to be successful in online enterprise.

An important aspect of search engine optimization is the fact that you need to invest time and effort into your website on a regular basis in order get traffic and keep traffic continuously increasing. If you allow your website to sit and collect cobwebs it won't do much for you.

SEO Tip #1:

There isn't a magical formula; at least not one that's evergreen so it's important to stay current on SEO news. Dig deep to find information and read everything you can. You'll find conflicting information at times but knowledge is power so absorb as much SEO news as you can.

SEO Tip # 2:

Create an easy to follow design with a standard homepage, easily viewable links and a site index. This way, people and search engines can find their way around easily and so can people.

SEO Tip # 3:

Determine what your target keywords are. There are some great tools out there that can help you both for free or for a small fee. Often it's fairly easy to figure this out on your own.

Ask yourself:

What are the top three to five words or phrases you would use if you were use to search for the product or topic you are selling? Be sure that those words are on each page of your website, especially in titles, headings and at the beginning, middle and end of each page. It's a good idea to use variations as well to give your site further credibility and increase the Long Tail.

SEO Tip # 4:

SEO Fact : Content is king. Always will be. Don't assume that more is better in terms of keywords. Do not fall victim to the temptation to simply keyword stuff your site otherwise two things will happen. First, you'll get banned by the search engines and even worse, you'll be ignored by the humans who land on your page. Both types of visitors can see through vain SEO attempts to trick you to get onto their site.

Instead, you want to target the fine line between having enough keyword relevancy to make it impossible for the search engines to ignore you but not so much that your human visitors find your content to be poor quality. Hire a professional SEO article writer if you have to in order to come across as professional. Keep fresh content on your pages and change your content regularly. You don't have to waste what you've put effort and money into, instead move your old content into archives so it continues to work for you as well.

SEO Tip # 5:

Web 2.0 is all about social networking. Social networking, social book marking, forum posting and link exchanges can be invaluable If you can get high ranking websites in your niche to exchange links with you, this can help. If you are blogging, comment on other blogs in your niche to get a link back to your site and generate interest from bloggers that frequent other sites in your niche. If you use tools like Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon and other social book marking tools on your pages with appropriate tagging, you can bring relevant traffic fairly quickly and it's viral so others will do the same. Social networking activities are also indexed by the search engines.

In summary, there are basic to advanced seo techniques and seo tips that you can use to get noticed by the big three search engines. Your results will depend a lot on how narrow your niche is but there are some basic things you can do to be search engine friendly from the start. It's never too late to optimize your site though so don't lose heart if you didn't follow this advice on your website from the beginning. Here are some basic ideas. This is not an exhaustive list but is a great place to start.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Affiliates Make You Money

One of the biggest comments I hear from people is that they are worried about running an affiliate program because they perceive the money they are paying out to the affiliates as being "lost money".

In fact, quite the opposite is true - the money you get from the affiliates is free money!

"Huh?" you say, "How can me paying out money to someone be free money for me?"

Let me explain this to you.

An affiliate is someone who promotes your products on your behalf with no payment unless a sale is made - the ultimate in pay for performance. However, the sales that affiliates bring you are sales that you would never have had before. They are bringing you in money that, without them, you would never have had. Yeah sure you would have made some sales yourself, but would you have made as many?

I want to make an analogy here to the offline world in order to help you really understand this.

Imagine that you're running a pizza parlour in your home town. You are bringing in a good income from it and would like to expand your business and your income. Sadly though, your town is small and there's not enough customers for you to open a second pizza parlour.

So, your only real option is to expand into another town. However, you can't be in both places at once running both stores, so you hire a store manager to run the second pizza parlour and you pay them a part of the profits for you.

As well as your profits from your first store, you are making profit from the second store, but paying a part of that profit to the person running the store. If you want to expand further, you would open more stores and hire more store managers.

In the offline world these store managers relate to your affiliates and the stores are their own websites, promoting the pizzas, which are your products.

By recruiting affiliates you are gaining access to a wider potential customer base. Realistically, with the tens of millions of people online, you cannot reach out and market to them all. The affiliates market your product to customers who may not see you, or who may not buy from you for some reason, yet will buy from the affiliate.

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