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Monday, February 21, 2011

Make Money While Online

Sitting at the computer chair, facing the desk, grabbing a bite from a slice of pizza, manipulating the mouse and earning money – is this possible? Definitely, this is one of the possible scenarios when one opts to make money while online. Who says that being online just means being connected to Facebook and IM? Being online these days can also mean going to work. And working can be made into something enjoyable that one seems like he or she is not working at all.

Having a profound talent in writing? Got those skills in photo and video editing? Possessing a talent for photography? If these skills and talents are on the list, then perhaps online jobs are not that hard for one to find! Here are some suggestions on how one can turn those talents into great work opportunities and earn money while still, having fun!
  1. Be a freelance writer. For those who are English lovers who have the knack for writing essays without fears of getting writer's block syndrome, applying into websites that offer freelance writing jobs is a good deal to take. Some people are just gifted to have those grammar and sentence construction skills to be always working correctly. For these people, writing five 500-word articles can be a breeze. Got this talent? Make money while online by putting it to good use - start searching for freelance writing jobs.
  2. Apply as an online layout artist. Art lovers nowadays have upgraded and gone techie too, which means, there are people who know how to skillfully manipulate Softwares that provides layouts and webdesigns. Website owners and some advertising firms are willing to pay large sums of money just for them to have meaningful and catchy webpages and web advertisements. Have this kind of talent? Take a break from applying in agencies and try being a freelance web designer or a layout artist – there sure are a lot of clients waiting for those creative juices to flow. Plus, the money flows in, too.
  3. Take photo and video editing services. Nowadays, when the globe is going digital and almost every event needs some multimedia assistance, the work of photo and video editors can't go zero. Yes, photo and video editors right now are actually on demand especially now that weddings, birthdays and other ceremonies seem to be happening anywhere. Got what it takes to create great photos and flicks? Try looking for online clients right now and use that knowledge on Adobe and Photoshop.
  4. Be an online photographer. Being a professional photographer can be quite amusing, but what is more enjoyable is to actually take shots from that camera and upload those pictures online without the hassles of reporting to work. Yes, there are some employers who are looking for online photographers for their digital photos with a really good pay. So, if the photos say it all – give it a shot by searching for online jobs as a photographer. Besides, not everyone has the talent to take great photos.
With the use of talents, one can definitely make money while online. This does not only mean getting a job while honing one's capabilities, but also earning a living without the hassles that the atmosphere those typical offices sometimes project.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Add Important Phone Numbers As 1CEMAS For Emergency Time In Your Mobile Phone

Add Important Phone Numbers As 1CEMAS For Emergency Time In Your Mobile Phone 

You need to keep important emergency telephone numbers, in the "Contact" or "Address Book" on your mobile phone with the name (contact name) 


By standardize using the name 1CEMAS as emergency contact, it's easier for the police, fire fighter, hospital and people who help you during the emergency to contact emergency telephone numbers. A study conducted in the UK by Vodafone in 2005 found that only 25 percent of mobile phone users store emergency information in a mobile phone. 

The information found in the purse or bag may not be appropriate or has nothing to do with you. Address written with your Identity card may be old address.

Why the name 1CEMAS

Number 1 is usually the first in the sequences compiled in the "Contact" or "Address Book" of your mobile phone. By using 1CEMAS and people knowing and adding it, it will make much more different in emergency reponse. 

You are encouraged to spread this message for the purpose of expanding the use of 1CEMAS in Malaysia. Please "Forward" this email to your friends. 

The idea of this email is from a campaign named ICE (In case of emergency). Excerpt from ICE Campaign 

In Case of Emergency (ICE) is a program That enables first responders, paramedics, Firefighters, police and Officers, to identify victims and contact next of kin THEIR IMPORTANT to obtain medical information. The program was conceived in the mid-2000s and promoted by British paramedic Bob Brotchie in May 2005. It encourages people to enter emergency contacts in THEIR cell phone address book under the name "ICE." Alternately, a person can list multiple emergency contacts as "ICE1", "ICE2", etc. The popularity of the program has spread across Europe, and has started to Grow into North America. 

More information on ICE

1CEMAS is the ICE campaign tailored for Malaysian. Please support this campaign for the benefit all of us 1CEMAS. 

1CEMAS published in Malay

1CEMAS campaign is an effort of an individual thats not connected with any government agency of Malaysia.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Scams in the Internet

The Internet hand out as an outstanding means for depositor, permitting them too access with no difficulty and reasonably investigates savings chance. But the Internet is as well an outstanding device for scammer and spammers. That’s why you must for all time think two times prior to you put in your cash in any opening you study regarding it all the way through the Internet.

The Internet let the individuals or companies to exchange a few words with huge viewers exclusive of expenses a lot of time, attempt, or funds. Any person will be able to arrive at tens of thousands of public by structuring an Internet web site, relocating a memo on an online announcement board, entering a conversation in a live "chat" room, or conveyance mass e-mails. It's trouble-free for fraudsters to create their mail appear genuine and believable. But it's almost not possible for shareholder to notify the dissimilarity stuck between truth and imaginary tale.

The types of savings scammer see on online are copy of the frauds carried out over the telephone or through the mail. Keep in mind that fraudsters are able to use a multiplicity of Internet utensils to increase fake information, together with bulletin boards, online information sheet, spam, or chat which comprises of Internet Relay Chat or Web Page Chat. They are also able to also construct an ostentatious, complicated web page. All of these apparatus charge very modest funds and are able to be establishing at the fingertips of spammer.

Consider all things recommend with cynicism. Investment frauds frequently fit one of the subsequent groups:

The "Pump And Dump" Scam
It's familiar to see e-mail posted online that advise bookworm to purchase a stock promptly or tell you to put up for sale previous to the price goes down. Frequently the writers force to allege to have "inside" information about an awaiting expansion or to make use of an "reliable" mixture of financial and supply market information to choose stocks. In actuality, they might be insiders or salaried promoters who position to expand by advertising their shares subsequent to the stock price are pumped up by susceptible investors. Just the once these spammer and scammer put up for sale their shares and discontinue hyping the stock, the value naturally cascade and financier misplace their cash. Fraudsters often utilize this trick with tiny, thinly-traded companies because it's easier to force a stock when there are little or no details obtainable regarding the company.

The Pyramid

Beware of mail that you read: "How to Make Big Money from Your Home Computer!!!" individual online advertiser stated that shareholder could "turn $5 into $60,000 in immediately in three to six weeks." In actuality, this plan was not anything more than an electronic edition of the typical "pyramid" system in which participant effort to create cash exclusively by employing new contributors into the program.

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