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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Money With Triond

This website can be your starting point to write articles and make money from it. Write your own articles in any topics thats interest to you and publish it in Triond. For futher detail visit
in reference to: Triond - Online Publishing - Write Content and Publish for Free (view on Google Sidewiki)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bukisa The Place To Share Your Knowledge And Get Paid

Bukisa is the place to share your knowledge and get paid when others use it

BUKISA's unique and revolutionary revenue sharing model is based on two main revenue streams and the innovative Bukisa Index:

1. Getting paid for people reading, viewing or listening to your high quality published content.

2. Getting paid for the read, viewed & listened published content of your friends, friends' friends and their friends (up to three levels).

You get paid up to three levels. Most people will ask their family and friends to join.

•    1st Level - You invite your Family and Friends and now they are helping you earn more money.
•    2nd Level – Your family and friends now ask their friends to join the BUKISA family and because your family and friends are contributors with BUKISA because of you, you are rewarded.  
•    3rd level – Now their friends will want to boost their earnings by recruiting their own family and friends and you get rewarded a third time.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Triond An Online Publishing Service

Triond An Online Publishing Service


Triond is an online publishing service that helps you publish any kind of content online, including written articles, pictures, audio, and video. Whether you are an enthusiastic new writer, a seasoned freelancer, a blogger or just someone who wants to share your ideas, Triond is for you.

With Triond you can:

Increase the readership of your work
Gain recognition from your audience
Earn revenue for unique content
All you need to do is create; we take care of the technical and marketing elements required to make your content succeed in the world of online publishing.

How Does Triond Work?

We publish your content on relevant websites within our content network, exposing it to the best audience according to your work's topic and genre. Our network includes niche websites with topics ranging from poetry and literature, to business, photography, travel, health and wellness, and many more.

As soon as your content is published, it begins generating revenue from several income sources such as display and contextual advertising which appear on the pages of your content. We share with you 50% of the revenue generated by your work and pay monthly.

Triond gives you tools to build your online creative presence while you monitor your content, give and receive feedback, and interact with others in the Triond community. Every item you publish can be seen on your customizable profile page. With Triond, it's easy to turn your profile page into a dynamic online portfolio of your published work.

Are you ready to get more from online publishing?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Malaysia Maxis Postpaid To Topup Prepaid

How to ask your friends that used Maxis postpaid handphone to topup your maxis prepaid.

Ask them to sms to 22126

topup 012XXXXXXX 10

and a confirmation sms will be received and reply back yes by sms back to 22126. 012XXXXXXX replace with your Malaysia Maxis mobile numbers. 10 is amount to topup and its can be in any amount.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Paypal For Malaysia

Paypal For Malaysia

Paypal users in Malaysia now can

- Pay and get paid in Ringgit
- Transfer fund to Malaysian bank account


Start seeing the benefits immediately! Manage your money how you choose: You can now transact in Ringgit and 20 other currencies. Plus, you can transfer your money from your PayPal account directly to your bank account.

For buyers:

A secure way to pay for local and overseas transactions using your credit card or PayPal balance

Make payments in your currency of choice – including Ringgit*

No more hassles with foreign currency conversations for local payments

Send money for personal payments to anyone in Malaysia in Ringgit

For Sellers:

Offer buyers a more secure choice for domestic and overseas payments
Get paid for purchases in over 20 currencies - including Ringgit

Trouble-free local payments – no more headaches with foreign currency conversions

Greater versatility in funds management - transfer funds directly from your PayPal account to your Malaysian bank account.

Faster settlement times - you decide when to transfer the money from your PayPal account to your bank account. It’s available in just a few business days.

More information visit

Login Paypal

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Facebook Application Development Workshop

Facebook Application Development Workshop

Date : 17th-19th February 2010

Time: 9am till 5pm

Venue :

Colour Concept Training Centre

01-05-03 Worldwide@7,
Jalan Lazuardi 7/29,
40000 Shah Alam, Malaysia.

This training 3 days Facebook Application Development Workshop will help you learn and develop a Facebook Application like Farmville, Restaurant City, PetVille, Pet Society that already make USD Millions from one single application.

The course for 3 Days Advanced Training Program is RM1955 per person but if you can provide to us description about application that you're going to develop, your RM500 deposit and RM1455 fee will be waived! Yes the workshop will be free.

If you know/have friend who is interested to join this 3 day training workshop but he/she never attend our Basic Training, they also eligible.

Just fill the form attach and send back to our email

After you complete the 3 days training and finish developed your Facebook application, MDeC will PAY you RM500. Subject to terms and conditions.

Please note that the training does not include hotel and transportation. These arrangements and costs are your / your organisation responsible.

At any stage MDeC reserves the right to withhold any reimbursement to the trainee until milestones are deemed achieved by MDeC. Trainees who successfully submit their application to the Facebook Application Directory are obligated to report monthly usage and income of their application until Dec 2010. This is to enable MDeC to accurately measure the success of this program and the information will be anonymized and aggregated before publication. Trainees will also be obligated to participate in any MDeC promotional and awareness events.

The tentative programme schedule is enclosed. Supporting material will be given to the participants. Please confirm your participation to the training course by emailing the registration form to us at

Thanks and regards,

Training Team

*** Tentative Programme Schedule ***

Day 1

Introduction and brief overview about Facebook Advance Application Development

Training goal & objectives

Warm up & get inspired

User experience

Application & Workflow Fundamentals

Head's up on Facebook API, Documentation & Reference

Head's up on HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL & Flash

Step by step : Start building a simple application


Day 2

Facebook game development overview

Head's up on the fundamentals of Flash & Actionscript 3.0

Reference, guides, tips & tricks for building flash quickly

Step by step : Start creating a flash game with Facebook-ActionScript API


Day 3

Facebook & Server communication overview

Head's up on the fundamentals of MySQL Database & AMFPHP for Flash

Reference, guides and MySQL Database Creation

Using AMFPHP to communicate with MySQL Database

Step by step : Integrating AMFPHP into the flash game and communicate with database


Course evaluation Course closure / certificate of participation

**** Registration Form ****

Please return this information by e-mail to before 29 January 2010

Name :
Address :
Designation :
Organization :
Tel :
Fax :
E-mail :
Mobile phone :
Propose Application Name :
Description Propose FB App :

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